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Watercolor Kingdom



Thumbelina starts her adventure in this big big world. She makes friend with butterfly and koi fish, sitting side by side with the yellow warbler. In the spring and summer, she takes flowers and leaves as shelter; in autumns, she celebrates the harvest time with nature, by enjoying limitless berries and dancing on branches. Her adventure will keep going, and who knows what she will come across? But for sure, she is experiencing something we normal-sizes can never imagine.

- watercolor and watercolor pencils pieces, with micron pen outlines.

The Adventure of Thumbelina 01
The Adventure of Thumbelina 02
The Adventure of Thumbelina 03
The Adventure of Thumbelina 04.jpg
The Adventure of Thumbelina 05.jpg


Holding a little guitar in arms, accompanied by his puppy friend, Charles walks in people's dreams as a magic lullaby singer. He sings, then stars close eyes; he sings, then dinosaurs fall asleep on meadows. Koi fish dreams of swimming through clouds; jellyfish flies in the sea turtle's night. Then he sings to the moon. The moon turns to be full, carrying everyone's dreams, sleeps peacefully in the lullabies.

- watercolor pieces.

Bardic Lullabies - Stars Lullaby.jpg
Bardic Lullabies - Meadow Lullaby.jpg
Bardic Lullabies - Pond Lullaby.jpg
Bardic Lullabies - Ocean Lulllaby.jpg
Bardic Lullabies - Moonlight Lullaby.jpg
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